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  • Common iPhone Repair Faults iPhone 5s Faults that we repair

    iPhone 5s Repairs

    Cracked iPhone 5s Display

    We can repair the iPhone 5S Display in about 30 Minutes. cost of a new display on an iPhone 5s is available on request

    iPhone 5s Headphone Jack Socket Repairs

    Main problems with the the iPhone 5s Headphone Jack is fluff from your pocket. Fluff builds up and then gets pushed down inside the Headphone Socket preventing the Headphone form going all the way in

    iPhone 5s Charging Block Repairs

    The Charging Block can get damaged preventing Data transfer or Charging occurring. The Charging Block on an iPhone 5s is also the same component as the Headphone Jack

    iPhone 5s Power Button and Side Button Repairs

    Not a major problem as yet but more common now on iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S models. You press the Lock Button and nothing happens. We can replace the iPhone 5s Lock Button to repair this fault on the iPhone 5s

    iPhone 5s Home Button Repair

    iPhone 5s Home button does not respond when pressed. We can replace the faulty iPhone 5s Home button

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  • location of iPhone Repairs BournemouthiPhone 5s Review

    TechRadar rating



    • Powerful core
    • Touch ID is a step up
    • Excellent camera


    • Expensive
    • No screen tech change
    • Battery Slightly Suspect
  • Is the iPhone 5s a good phone? Of course it is… a smart evolution of a decent handset is always going to be a quality device.

    But is it enough to warrant the fervour of the claims of record sales and 'the best thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone'?

    To some people it may seem like it's just the iPhone 4S with a longer screen and some fancier earbuds… but to others it's more like the tweaks they've been waiting for to finally warrant upgrading or moving to the iSide.

    So with the 4-inch screen, faster processor and all new design, is this the iPhone you've been searching for?

    We liked

    It's quite hard to dislike an iPhone, no matter whether you love or disdain Apple's ethos. It's just so simple, with a quality screen and a real effort made into the design.

    And it's fair to say, rather obviously, that this is the best iPhone ever made. That doesn't mean it's the best phone we've seen, but it's a jolly good effort.

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