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    iPhone 4S Home Button Repair

    iPhone 4S Home Button Repair

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    iPhone 4S Repairs

    Cracked iPhone 4S Display Repairs

    The most common repair that we carry out today. The iPhone 4s LCD is very strong in the middle of the screen. the iPhone 4S Display is capable of withstanding heavy impacts in the centre region of the screen. This is because the touch screen is laminated to the LCD, however the display is weak around the top and bottom area for the display because these areas are not laminated.

    We can replace an iPhone 4S LCD in about 25minutes

    iPhone 4s Not Charging

    The iPhone 4S can sometimes stop charging due to damage to the Charging Connector. we change these quite often and this in most cases cures the problem. If this does not cure the iPhone 4S Charging Fault then there are couple more things that we can try.

    iPhone 4S Power Button Repairs

    This problem is becoming more and more common as the iPhone 4S gets older. The power button is on a ribbon cable that is embedded under the main-board of the iPhone 4S. We have changed many of these cables and the work takes about 40 minutes to complete. We only use original Apple parts for this repair

    iPhone 4S Home Button Repairs

    The iPhone 4S Home Button is a small ribbon cable that cost a few pence to buy, however the iPhone 4S has to be completely stripped down with the LCD Display removed to enable access to the Home Button

    iPhone 4S Not Holding Charge

    If the iPhone 4S does not hold charge as long as it used to then there are a few possibilities as to why this may occur. the first cause my be that the battery has simply worn out. another reason for not holding charge could be that the integrated circuits within the battery have failed. One more reason for not holding charge could be caused by water ingress. All these problems can be solved by We Fix

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    TechRadar rating



    • Great camera
    • Fast processor
    • Superb graphics and screen
    • Slick OS
    • Solid feel in the hand
    • Siri voice recognition


    • Costly
    • No flash integration
    • Outdated contacts menu
  • The iPhone 4S is a great piece of kit, and one of the best devices Apple has ever produced. It's easy to find things that will make you coo with excitement, and the way the phone is packaged makes it very easy to use from the beginner to the expert smart-phone user.

    Every time we write a new iPhone review we wonder if it's enough of an upgrade to warrant being heralded as the next greatest phone (aside from the iPhone 4, which was a real step forward).

    We are left with the same feeling with the iPhone 4S - is an upgraded camera, new processor and voice recognition enough to encourage phone sales on a record breaking scale? In all likelihood, yes; Apple has never failed to create an update to a phone that just manages to sneak over the line of being desirable enough to update to, and the iPhone 4S is no exception.

    We liked

    What do we like about the iPhone 4S? Everything we loved about the iPhone 4 and more. The Retina Display is still one of the best on the market, and even in 16 months very few phones have managed to come close to the eye-popping quality.

    The new camera is fantastic, and as we said: a genuine alternative to a compact point and shoot. We know that's been said before, but we were mightily impressed for a day-to-day snapper.

    The upgraded processor is going to be a real winner in the future when more heavy-duty apps and games start coming to the market; right now there's not a lot going on that can really draw on the improved graphics and CPU, and the phone was already pretty snappy anyway.

    Siri is a fun tool - we're undecided about its use in day-to-day life, but there were enough useful options to play with to make it genuinely worthwhile.

    It's quite hard to dislike an iPhone, no matter whether you love or disdain Apple's ethos. It's just so simple, with a quality screen and a real effort made into the design.

    And it's fair to say, rather obviously, that this is the best iPhone ever made. That doesn't mean it's the best phone we've seen, but it's a jolly good effort.

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