Common iPhone Faults

Cracked iPhone Screens

The most common iPhone faults that we see are cracked screens or cracked backs. Not really a fault though, more physical damage caused by an accident of misuse. The cracked or broken displays is not as serious as it looks as we are able to replace the iPhone LCD or Digitiser and the iPhone is fully functioning again

Home Button and Lock / On – Off Button Issues

Caused by fatigue, these buttons are placed on top of a small metal domed cover. When pressed the metal dome flattens out and presses against the bottom plate of the ribbon completing a circuit and thus causing the desired action. Over a period of time the dome wears out and either cannot make a circuit or makes a permanent circuit. All iPhone ribbon cables can be replaced to repair the problem

iPhone Not Charging

Most likely cause is damage to the iPhone Dock Connector. This is replaced and the iPhone Charging fault is usually repaired

iPhone Battery Not Holding Charge

If your iPhone battery is not holding a charge then we can replace it with an identical one. We use original iPhone batteries as these have to be matched up to the exact one that is removed, failure to do so can result in other issues including the iPhone getting hot during charging or loss of signal

iPhone Sound Issues

iPhone sound issues manifest in several ways, iPhone loud Speaker not working so that you cannot hear the ring-tone. The iPhone develops a fault so that you cannot hear the person on the other line. The iPhone develops a fault so that the person on the other line cannot hear you. The three iPhone faults above can usually be repaired by changing over various parts. There is another fault that arises on the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S where all sound works except when making or receiving a call. This is caused by a breakdown of the Audio IC (integrated Circuit). If your iPhone is less than a year old then you should take this back to the Apple Shop for a warranty exchange, if not then we are able to replace the Audio IC at one of our other repair centres.

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